Abo₂ut us

At Ο₂ Suites the facilities and services are carefully designed, aiming to travel away and satisfy every guest’s needs. 

Breathe the oxygen of the ultimate peace at O2 Suites just 40 meters from the A’ Akti beach of Glyfada.

The aesthetics that emerge by the wood and stone, create an unforgettable aura of well-being and rejuvenation. The earthy colours, that prevail every corner, invite guests to an authentic vacation experience at Glyfada.

All the selection of structure and decoration of O2 Suites respect and are environmentally friendly, and the plastic has been used to an extremely small extent and only in places where it could not be replaced by another material.

O2 Suites provide "smart" details, such as monitor lifted TVs, which give a touch of luxury combined with modern technology.

Are you ready for the O₂ experience?